Just published: Bio-Medical Photography & Digital Imaging

Biomedical Photography Cover

Now available in digital and printed formats, this new publication brings the modern digital photographer the best understanding and “how-to” of producing perfectly-exposed, color balanced and true-to-life images for the scientific publishing field. This publication removes the mystery and “looks right to me” guesswork from the production of high quality images.

This publication is the culmination of years of practice and teaching digital photography. It includes information on exposure and color management, how to produce close-up and macro images with maximum detail, and the use of electronic flash for best lighting. It also includes suggestions on equipment to purchase on a budget, how to operate in a lab setting and most importantly, how to take the guesswork out of reproducing perfect exposures and color.

Also included are protocols for processing images in Photoshop and for establishing best practices and laboratory standards  for the practitioner’s own environment.

Produced by Brian Loflin, a fifty-year veteran of scientific photography and publishing. 8.5 x 11 inches. 48 pages. Perfect bound.              

To learn more, click the link below:


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