Variable macro specimen holder

Many times when photographing tiny specimens with great magnification, the best subject angle is difficult to obtain. When attempting to make a change, the images change is too great or still not the best view.

This simple subject holder provides good stability and almost infinite angles to work with. Several microscope stages are commercially available from suppliers such as BioQuip of California. However, the construction of this holder is easy and much less expensive with a only couple of dollars of common hardware store parts.

Specimen Holder-One-Sm

Variable specimen holder-three views.

The holder is made with a 3/8 x 1/2 x 1 inch steel spacer sleeve, a 3/8 inch cap nut, a magnet and a bit of wire and cork. The magnet is shaped to create a friction fit when recessed a bit into the sleeve so that when the cap nut is inserted into the sleeve it will hold the nut securely in place but provide infinite rotary motion. To finish off the project a short length of wire for a handle is inserted into a hole drilled on the face of the nut and, along with the piece of cork, is epoxied into the nut. Lastly, a machine screw is epoxied into the lower end of the sleeve to use as an anchor to the macro stage.

Subject Holder-CU-SmAnnotate

A- 3/8 inch steel sleeve; B- 3/8 inch cap nut; C- cork disc; D- piece of stiff wire.

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