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South Texas Bird Photography Workshop

Sharp-shinned hawk, Harris hawk and Crested caracara from the South Texas Bird Photography Workshop. Nikon D2Xs, 600 mm F 4 Nikkor lens. © Brian Loflin 2012.

Photographers from Austin and Houston, TX and Athens, GA gathered for a three-day bird photography photography workshop featuring South Texas specialties at Laguna Seca Ranch near Edinburg, TX. The workshop was led by Brian Loflin and provided hands-on instruction in photographing birds from purpose-made permanent blinds and on a variety of natural perches and in flight. Twenty species were seen and photographed by the participants, including South Texas specialty birds, Pyrrhuloxia and Green jay.

Laguna Seca Ranch is a 700 acre facility deep in the South Texas scrub brush country just a few miles north of the USA-Mexico border, yet minutes from the city of Edinburg, Texas. The ranch has prepared four permanent blinds with year-round water features and feeders. An additional blind is prepared specifically for attracting raptors.

Thus workshop is again scheduled for February 22-24, 2013. For more information about this exciting experience you may download the information HERE.

Brian Loflin is a seasoned biologist and natural science photographer. His photography and writings have been published worldwide. Brian hosts this workshop and a variety of others several times a year. For more information about this and other workshops and classes visit

Male Pyrrhuloxia and Green jay are two of the South Texas specialty birds photographed during the South Texas Bird Photography Workshop. Nikon D2Xs with Nikkor 600mm F 4.0 telephoto lens. © Brian Loflin 2012.

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