South Texas Birds, part two-

Shooting was excellent in the morning blind. But, as the sun moved across the sky the light angle required a move to a second prepared blind which had  a better sun angle. It is always nice to have birds more front-lit than from other directions, even though it may seem more creative. The compositional possibilities are improved with sun on the front side.

Here are a couple more of my favorites:

While certainly not unique to south Texas this Northern Cardinal made a nice image while taking a drink from the water feature at the blind. The Crested Caracara, below, is now a somewhat common sighting in the Rio Grand Valley. An opportunist, they will feed like vultures on carrion and other fare. They are rather difficult to approach, but from a blind it is possible to get frame-filling images.

Both images: Nikon D2Xs, 600mm f4 Nikkor super telephoto, Gitzo tripod with Kirk Cobra head.

© Brian Loflin 2011. All rights reserved.


3 responses to “South Texas Birds, part two-

  1. The Crested Caracara photo is very well presented love they way it has been caught with the water drops….Awesome photo i must say.

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    I am glad you enjoyed the images.

  3. Love both photos. Super shots! Out of the two photos the Northern Cardinal is my favorite! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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